Arul & Associates is a boutique consulting firm providing CFO financial & accounting services to startup companies.

Spend your time doing what you do best – building your company


If you are running a tech startup, then you know how critical it is that you spend your time working on your core business functions. Building your business has to be your first priority.

Arul & Associates understands the unique accounting needs of tech companies. We speak your language and understand the way that tech companies operate. While your software engineers, salespeople, business executives, and management staff works together to develop your brand and product, we'll work with all of your team to ensure the business operations keep pace.

Accounting is accounting, right?

Yes and no. While the standards of accounting are clear, tech companies – especially startups – have specific needs not seen in other industries. Arul & Associates specializes in providing the accounting resources and financial management advice that your startup needs to succeed. Our thorough understanding of financial matters coupled with our startup experience allows us to provide the right level of service for each stage in a company's lifecycle without adding burdensome overhead. You'll always have the analytics and information needed to make short and long-term decisions instead of being buried in meaningless numbers or reports.

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we watch the numbers so you don't have to

Most of our clients are seasoned entrepreneurs who rely on Arul & Associates when they begin their second or third startup.  They know that having a pulse on the financial health of their company is critical, and they trust us to do that while they are busy focusing on product design, development, recruiting their team, and building their user base.  Our services allow them to leverage their time for the things that they do best with the peace of mind that we are taking care of everything else.

Our approach is a result of years of hands-on experience with high tech startups. We have worked with software and hardware startups in both consumer and enterprise markets. Further, we work across the company with all of key functions and departments.

We offer a flexible approach to our relationship with you.  Through our use of cloud technology, we can work on-site or at our home office and give you and your staff secure access to your information without the physical transfer of data, documents, or reports.  Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, we regularly work with companies and locations outside the region.  No matter where you are, when you need vital information from us, you’ll have it.

An affordable, flexible investment in your future

As a startup, you know the importance of maintaining tight budget controls. Unplanned expenses can wreak havoc with your burn and cash reserves.  We understand this. At Arul & Associates, we offer our services via a set monthly fee that we will finalize once your initial setup and transition period is complete. You will never be surprised with a charge that you are not expecting.  As your needs change over time, we'll proactively make service level changes or accommodate special projects.

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Located in San Francisco, Arul & Associates is a boutique CFO consulting firm specializing in venture backed startups.

With nearly twenty years of experience in accounting, financial reporting, strategic planning, process improvement, systems implementation and financial analysis, Trishan Arul leads Arul & Associates and operates as a part-time CFO for our clients. He has worked in multiple industries with companies ranging from startups to large multinationals and his experience with startups includes working as both an executive and a consultant addressing the challenges of fast growing, small companies.

Trishan holds a BA in Business Administration, an MA in Accounting, and is a CPA in the United States & Canada.

We understand startups because we’ve been there

Trishan understands the challenges of scaling up a company as it succeeds. To support clients as they make mission critical business decisions he has assembled a qualified team of experts – people with experience in startups, not just those who push buttons and spout buzz words. Speaking the language of startup executives, they partner with CEOs, CTOs, and investors to help every client succeed. 


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